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Welcome to my Website!

As we say in New Zealand.
Thank's for logging on to my web page. Im too poor to afford a fully fledged site and have to pay heaps of money etc, but this will have to do! In here you will find all the information you want about me, and some interesting stuff about New Zealand
Ugly Picture
Don't look too long at this picture, you might turn to stone. It's been known to happen before. This picture was taken in Palmerston North New Zealand at my local station where I used to work.
Im currently a Radio Consultant, writing and producing commercials for lots of dirrerent radio station, not just in New Zealand!
I supply creative ideas for business.

Yes that's me! :(
Keep checking regulary with this site for more up to date information, pictures and links to other sites. Within this site you will find all details about myself if you are a prospective employer.
It is located in the Personal page.
You suck, you shoud get a Java Browser!!!

Keep an eye on this page as it's constantly being updated. There is also a small amount of prep material available for the radio jock, Also some interesting gossip.

New Zealand Music Month
Looking like a geek here, Im out and about looking for talent on New Zealand Streets for our May NZ music month. Find out more at....